Network Upgrade 2021

Over the past number of months IT Services have been undertaking a large-scale Network Upgrade project. The network equipment has been upgraded primarily in all buildings that have teaching spaces.  

Building Status
Hume Building Complete
Science Building Complete
Arts Building Complete
Education House Complete
Callan Building Complete
Rye House and Apartments Complete
Iontas Building Complete
Stoyte House Complete
Engineering Building Complete


Network Security Updates 

The benefits of the new network equipment are: 

  • The network will run faster than current speeds.
  • The network will be more available than it is currently.
  • eLearning tools can be used seamlessly.
  • The network will no longer be at end of life.
  • The network will be at a higher maturity level which will enable the full potential of the new building when the building is complete. 

To update end of life network infrastructure and allow for optimal eLearning service delivery, the wired network equipment in the above buildings is being replaced. 

New network equipment has been installed and our network security model will also be upgraded.  

The services you can access from your device will in the future be determined by the security posture of your device (e.g. username, device type etc,). 

These measures will reduce the risk of a security compromised device exposing MU to similar cyber-attacks that have happened in recent months in other areas of Public Service. 

Building  Roll out week commencing   Roll out Status  
Hume Building 19th July 2021 Complete
Iontas Building 6th September 2021 Complete
Rye House and Apartments 27th September 2021 Complete
Arts Building 11th October 2021 Complete
Science Building 25th October 2021 Complete
Callan Building 8th November 2021 Complete
Education House 22nd November 2021 Complete
Stoyte House 20th December 2021 Complete
Remaining MU Campus Pending To be scheduled