BA - International Development

Welcome to our webpage for those who wish to study international development as part of the BA at Maynooth. Read on and you can find out more about why this is a really important and fulfilling area of study in college; how it combines well with other subjects on the BA programme; and how it can help you to make a positive contribution to our world  

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International Development - Learning for a Better World

Most people have never heard of international development as a subject. That’s because what we offer at Maynooth University is fairly unique in Ireland, in that international development brings together aspects of economics, politics, international relations, community development, education and activism for change.  

International development deals with the big global issues facing all of us in the world – climate change, inequality, conflict, health and poverty - and creating a better future. It helps students to understand these issues and the causes of them, to develop skills for careers focused on addressing them, and to engage with them in an enjoyable and meaningful way.