Welcome to the Department of International Development

Programmes in International Development at Maynooth University explore theories of development and analyse international development policies, practices, issues and challenges. They seek to critically understand the drivers of such policies and practices and the causes of poverty, inequality and injustice at all levels. They offer an opportunity for participants to critically reflect on the global human – social, economic, cultural and environmental - consequences of development thinking and practice and to question understandings and responses to the international development challenges we face.  

Our academic programmes reflect a combination of formal and non-formal educational methodologies and are run at undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters and Postgraduate Diploma) levels.  

We bring together a community of practitioners and learners who want to explore international development and responses at local, national and international levels; to link development theory with practice, to question and seek alternatives to current development processes, to learn how to turn development aspirations into realities in the Global South and North, and who wish to reflect on their own experience.