Welcome to the Department of International Development

At the Department of International Development, we specialise in facilitating critical learning for global change. We regard engaging with International Development as central for understanding the world we live in today and important as a vehicle for realising just transformation in our world. Building on over 40 years of experience, through our work at the Kimmage Development Studies Centre, our work at the Department is underpinned by a commitment to the values of inclusivity and diversity, equality and justice.
Through our research and academic programmes, we emphasise the links between the theoretical and the practical. Our programmes enable participants to understand international development policies, practices, issues and responses. We facilitate learners to critically reflect on the causes of poverty, inequality and injustice around the world while supporting people to question understandings and responses to the international development challenges we face. We integrate a focus on local and global development issues, as well as skills development and critical engagement with development at personal, local, national and international levels.
Our academic programmes reflect a combination of formal and non-formal educational methodologies and are run at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our MA in International Development offers learners flexible learning options to study part-time or full-time, at Maynooth University or fully online.