Bristol University Press and Bristol Digital Futures Institute Slow Computing: Why We Need Digital Balanced Lives Webinar

Slow Computing Book by Rob Kitchin and Alistair Fraser
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 17:00

Slow Computing Why we need balanced digital lives

Webinar : Thursday, 8th October at 11am jointly hosted by Bristol University Press and Bristol Digital Futures Institute

Speakers: Rob Kitchin and Alistair Fraser, Maynooth University
Panellists: Susan Halford, Dale Southerton, University of Bristol
Hosted by Paul Stevens, Senior Commissioning Editor at Bristol University Press

Digital technologies should be making life easier. And to a large degree they do, transforming everyday tasks of work, consumption, communication, travel and play. But they are also accelerating and fragmenting our lives affecting our well-being and exposing us to extensive data extraction and profiling that helps determine our life chances.

Is it then possible to experience the joy and benefits of computing, but to do so in a way that asserts individual and collective autonomy over our time and data?

Drawing on the ideas of the ‘slow movement’, this webinar explores the notion of slow computing and the practical and political means to take back control and counter the more pernicious effects of living digital lives.

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