Launch of Milieu 2021 - 43rd edition of the GeogSoc & Department of Geography Magazine

Milieu 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021 - 15:00 to 15:30
We are delighted to announce that Geography - Milieu 2021 is now published and available for all to enjoy. 
This year’s edition includes a larger than usual selection of work from Maynooth Geography students, with over 100 pages of material that demonstrates the wide range of topics covered in the department.

In what has been an unusual year for everyone, students and staff have gone above and beyond to continue their work and produced some excellent written pieces, some of which are on display here. Topics in this year’s edition range from an array of pieces that discuss the ongoing impacts on COVID-19, power dynamics and geopolitics, climate change and climate science, historical geographies, electoral and political geographies, and includes a segment on some of the fieldwork conducted throughout the year.
The launch of Milieu will take place this Friday at 3.00pm on Teams and provides an opportunity to mark the end of another semester in Maynooth. Finally, thank you to the students that submitted work in this the 43rd edition of Milieu, and the staff that continue to support the journal.

Best wishes for the next few weeks, as you complete any remaining continuous assessment work and tackle open-book exams. We hope the Summer goes well and that you and yours remain safe and healthy!

We hope enjoy Milieu. 
William Durkan 
Editor 2021 Milieu 
on behalf of the Milieu Committee
Ph.D. Candidate
IRC Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholar
Geography Department, Maynooth University