Geography Seminar Prof Danny Dorling: The Geography of falling apart - United Kingdom 2020

Prof Danny Dorling
Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:30
CB2 - Callan Building

Maynooth University Department of Geography invites you to attend a seminar as part of our Spatial Justice Seminar Series presented by Prof Danny Dorling, Oxford. 

The Geography of falling apart - United Kingdom 2020 

 On that odd little island that is post Brexit Britain, what does it mean to be British? Danny Dorling takes a deeper look into why Brexit happened, through to some guesses as to why the Conservatives won the December 2019 General election. This talk is an attempt to shed light on the aftermath and to question whether, with all things considered, contemporary Britain could become a fairer, more equal society, and whether such an objective would be easier to advance within the European Union rather than being outside or trying to balance on the edge of it. And to what extent was David Edgerton correct when, in October 2019, he wrote “Brexit is a necessary crisis, and has provided a long overdue audit of British realities. It exposes the nature of the economy, the new relations of capitalism to politics and the weakness of the state. It brings to light, in stunning clarity, Brexiters’ deluded political understanding of the UK’s place in the world. From a new understanding, a new politics of national improvement might come; without it we will remain stuck in the delusional, revivalist politics of a banana monarchy.”* Oh – and before I forget, as we tend to always forget – what about that part of the UK that is not the island of Britain?