Geography Seminar Dáire Healy

Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 12:15 to 13:00
Online via Teams

Please join us for our Geography Seminar with Dáire Healy of the Hamilton Institute. 
Thursday 24th Feb - 12noon on Teams 

Understanding extreme weather events is inherently challenging since we have very few observations of them. Extreme value theory was developed to better understand the behaviour of unusually large/small events, focusing on the unusual rather than the usual. In this talk I will give a short, practical introduction to extreme value theory, building up to some active areas of research and open questions. In particular, I will illustrate a method which enables us to simulate spatially realistic extreme temperature events over Ireland.  Following this, I’ll discuss how we can characterise extreme temperature events and what kind inferences about climate change can be made from such simulations
Dáire is a 3rd year PhD student in Hamilton institute under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Parnell, Prof. Jonathan Tawn and Prof. Peter Thorne. Dáire completed a BSc. in applied mathematics and computer science in Maynooth university, followed by research internships in Intel and Met Éireann, now researching extreme value theory with applications to climate change in Ireland.  
  Dáire Healy Seminar Extreme spatial temperature events in a changing climate with application to Ireland