Eurovision: Maps, Memories and Music

Friday, April 9, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:30

65 years after the very first contest took place, the Eurovision Song Contest continues to fascinate and intrigue. As well as providing many memorable musical moments (not always for the right reasons -), there are also interesting geographical and political dimensions associated with the contest, such as the contest voting patterns. Our panel, involving a wide range of Eurovision interests/expertise, will delve into some of these issues during this short conference.

Guest Panelists:
Esma Jansen, Dutch Eurovision journalist for
Michael Kealy, Head of Irish Eurovision Delegation (RTÉ)
Louise Holst, Irish Eurovision Fan/contributor to Eurovision Hub
Sinéad Crowley, RTÉ Arts and Media correspondent
Padraig Muldoon, Deputy Editor at
Johnny Fallon, Carr Communications
Caoilfhionn D'Arcy, Geography postgraduate student (Maynooth University)
William Durkan, Geography postgraduate student (Maynooth University)
Adrian Kavanagh, Lecturer, Department of Geography, (Maynooth University)

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Proposed Schedule:

10.00-10.35 Eurovision - Music and Memories Meet The Panel. 
Discussing: Memories of Eurovision - why I grew to love Eurovision, favourite Eurovision memories/past Eurovision entries, "doing Eurovision" - what I do at/for Eurovision, or have done in the past 
Q & A: 

10.35-10.40 Eurovision Music Break

10.40-11.15 Eurovision - Maps and Music -
Is there a "geography" to Eurovision voting patterns? What shapes this? Do Eurovision juries vote differently? Eurovision and nation branding/building - how countries may choose to use Eurovision
Q & A: 

11.15-11.20 Eurovision Music Break 

11.20-11.55 Women at Eurovision- 
How women and men jury members vote differently? Based on their own experiences at Eurovision, do panel members feel that women experience differently to men
Q & A:  

11.55-12.00 Eurovision Music Break 

12.00-12.30 Eurovision 2021: New Music, Memories...and Maps Setting the contest for Eurovision 2021 

Panel member views on the 2021 contest - what are their own favourite entries, what are their tips to win this year's contest (**at this point in time**)
Q & A: