Environmental Geophysics Unit (EGU)

The Environmental Geophysics Unit was formed at the Department of Geography, National University of Ireland, Maynooth in 1997. Collaborative geophysical projects have been undertaken with:

University of Ulster
University College Dublin
National University of Ireland, Cork
Trinity College Dublin
University of Kingston
Discovery Programme

Geophysical fieldwork has been conducted in 22 of the 32 counties in Ireland.

Geological Geophysics

(for example the investigation of the magnetic properties of Irish rocks and geophysical characteristics of geological structures).

Environmental Geophysics

(for example mapping the movement of contaminant plumes from waste disposal sites).

Archaeological Geophysics

(for example work on the monastic sites of Rahan, Killeigh, Leamonaghan and Clonard)

Forensics Geophysics

(search for clandestine grave).

Students on the Higher Diploma /M.Sc. in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing take a module entitled ‘Remote Sensing of the Shallow Subsurface’ which encompasses geophysical techniques and some have gone on to do research using geophysical techniques.

Further information can be obtained from Paul.Gibson@mu.ie.