Student success signals the beginning of the new academic year

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 15:30

The MIEC held its 2020 Opening Ceremony to officially welcome back the 2nd year students and to welcome the new intake for the academic year 2020/2021. The ceremony commenced with a video greeting to students by Therese Healy, the Deputy Head at the Embassy of Ireland in China. Due to the CoVid 19 pandemic, a greeting was also delivered remotely by Professor Aiden Mulkeen, Deputy President of Maynooth University.

The proceedings commenced with speeches from student representatives in the MIEC.



The event also highlighted some of the many student achievements that were accomplished in the previous academic year. As part of the welcome ceremony, the Chinese scholarship awards for 2nd year students were announced by Professor Fang Jie, Assistant to the Dean. There were three categories of awards: a scholarship to the value of 15,000 RMB, 10,000 RMB and 5,000RMB. Congratulations to all the victorious MIEC students that were granted scholarships!
Scholarship winners for the 15,000 RMB scholarship were as follows: Liu Yanli, Gao Yixuan, Xie Wei, Xu Jiasheng, Zhang Wei, and Shan Shihui.

Second prize winners of the 10,000 RMB scholarship included:
Lin Yanchenm, Xia Yuan, Wu Diancong, Xue Yifan, Rao Mengyu, Fang Zelong, Chen Yihong, Shen Yifan, Chen Shuoyuan, Wang Yongquan, Song Chengxin, Yin Ruhan, Wang Yihan, Jin Hanlin, Lin Zijing, and Li Minghao.

Third prize winners of the 5,000 RMB scholarship included:
Lin Xi, Su Jiayuan, Shi Chenfeng, Zhang Xixiang, Ji Nan, Shi Yihui, Zhu Yifan, Yang Shunqing, Jiang Hongqi, Huang Zehao, Zheng Tianhao, Zeng Fanrong, Huang Junqi, Zhu Licheng, Yao Yuan, Han Xiaolong, Wang Ning, Wang Zhuoran, Zhang Xinyi, Lin Liguo, Lin Qixin, Fang Shiyuan, Chen Mengru, Chen Yuxuan, Li Junchen, Chen Zixi, Lin Xiezhuo, Zhang Kexuan, Jiang Haiyun, and Ding Xiaoyi.

The launch ceremony concluded with a speech from the FZU Vice-President, Professor Yang Huanghao. We wish all MIEC students a successful academic year 2020/2021.