Dr Anne O'Brien

Media Studies, Motherhood Project, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Associate Professor
Arts and Humanities Associate Dean for Research and Engagement

Ground Floor
(01) 708 6470


I am an Associate Professor in Gender and Production Studies with the Department of Media Studies. The main focus of my research is on gender inequality in media work.  I am also interested in diversity and inclusion in media industries  and my work involves partnership collaborations with NGOs to examine the production of problematic media representations of social issues, such as gender inequality, intimate partner homicide, suicide and mental ill health. I have also undertaken research on community media in funded projects for the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.


Year Publication
2021 O' Brien A, Arnold S & Kerrigan P. (2021) Media Graduates at Work: Irish Narratives on Policy, Education and Industry. London: Palgrave MacMillan.
2019 O'Brien A. (2019) Women, inequality and media work. [DOI]
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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Edited Book

Year Publication
2021 O' Brien, Anne & Liddy, Susan (Ed.). (2021) Media Work, Mothers and Motherhood. London & New York: Routledge,

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2020 O’ Brien, A & Kerrigan, P. (2020) 'Workstory: New Entrants' Narrations of their Aspirations and Experiences of Media Production Work' In: Hope Uncertainty and creative Aspiration: Pathways into and through contemporary creative work. London : Palgrave Macmillan.
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
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Published Report

Year Publication
2021 O’ Brien, Anne, Kerrigan, Paraic & Liddy, Susan (2021) Auditing Gender and Diversity Change in Irish Media Sectors. Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, .
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