Maynooth town voted tidiests town in Ireland

Monday, July 17, 2023 - 16:30

The latest nationwide survey by the business group Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) shows the great majority of Ireland’s towns are clean, but two-thirds of city areas are still littered. The survey presents a snapshot of cleanliness levels across Ireland as the peak summer tourist season commences. Levels were unchanged 12 months ago, with Maynooth emerging top of the ranking of 40 towns and cities. Please, see more information on the IBAL webpage

An Taisce Report – IBAL Anti-Litter League, Survey 1, 2023

Maynooth: 1st out of 40 towns/cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms

A near-perfect showing gives busy student town Maynooth the top spot in the rankings. Many of the open/outdoor spaces were particularly good, not just with regard to litter but the presentation and maintenance of the same e.g., Carton Avenue / Parkland, Maynooth Campus, St. Patrick’s College and the Sculpture / Heritage Wall. It was great to see the participation of Maynooth Tidy Towns beside Buckley House (Parsons Street), a boarded-up property.

  • Leinster Street: Grade A. The overall impression along Leinster Street was a good one with regard to litter, just minor sweet paper, cigarette butt and chewing gum presence. Great to see the opportunity to ‘separate’ waste with recycling bins positioned right beside general waste ‘Big Belly’ bins. Some of the other, older-style bins were looking rather tired / defaced.

  • Buckley House, Parsons Street: Grade A. Clearly, a careful eye is kept on this boarded-up property as there was no litter directly associated with it. A ‘Maynooth Tidy Towns’ sign indicates that volunteers have cleaned the area outside and asks that people help to keep it that way.

  • Carton Avenue / Parkland: Grade A. A wonderful expanse of green space with attractive ‘’Visitor Information’ notice at the beginning of Carton Avenue. There were very minimal items to be seen throughout a vast expanse of parkland – a credit to the users and those responsible for the same.

  • Recycle Centre, by SuperValu: Grade B. The main items to be seen at this ‘Bring Facility’ were broken glass at the base of the units, cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous items at the front of the units.

  • R184 Kilcock Approach Road: Grade A. A very clean and fresh impression was created along this approach route into Maynooth. All aspects were in very good order e.g., asphalt path, cycle lanes and shrubbery. This was maintained for almost all of the remaining sites surveyed.

  • Maynooth University Campus: Grade A. Work has continued apace at this campus with some very fine new builds and sculptures. Not only was the campus excellent with regard to litter, it was very well presented and maintained.

  • St. Patrick’s College: Grade A. The grounds of St. Patrick’s College were spotless and meticulously maintained.

  • Sculpture & Memorial Plaques / Heritage Wall, by University: Grade A. A beautiful environment and spotless throughout.

  • Convent Lane approach: Grade A. There were some nice features along Convent Lane: ‘The Tree of Liberty’ 1798 -1998 plaque looked very well, with the text easily legible, and the Compass Indicator with sculpture was in good condition. Clean streets and green verges characterised the area.

  • Dublin Road: Grade A. Despite heavy levels of traffic, there were no litter issues of note along Dublin Road.

    End of report

We would like to express our gratitude to all members of Maynooth Tidy Towns and students & staff for keeping our town and campuses looking fabulous.

Míle buíochas!