Department of English Seminar Series | “Edward Said, Jonathan Swift and Ireland” with Timothy Brennan

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Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 16:00 to 18:00
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“Edward Said, Jonathan Swift and Ireland” A talk by Timothy Brennan (Minnesota), chaired by Conor McCarthy (MU)

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Timothy Brennan is Professor at the University of Minnesota. He works on the relationship between comparative literature, world literature, and global English. His teaching and research deal with issues of intellectual history, cultural theory, the Marxist and phenomenological traditions, the avant-gardes, theories of colonialism and imperialism, problems of translation, and popular music. He is the author of books including At Home in the World: Cosmopolitanism Now (Harvard UP, 1997); Wars of Position: the Cultural Politics of Left and Right (Columbia UP, 2006); and Borrowed Light, Vol. I: Vico, Hegel and the Colonies (Stanford UP, 2014). His new book, Places of Mind, Occupied Lands: Edward Said, an Intellectual Biography, is published by Bloomsbury (March 2021). Professor Brennan’s talk will address Edward Said's abiding interest in Irish writers and intellectuals, from Swift to Field Day.