Equality & Diversity Policy

The promotion of equality and respect of all human rights is integral to the overall purpose of Maynooth University, which aims to realise a University dedicated to people, ideas and culture, where we work together as educators, researchers, administrative, professional and technical staff along with students in a diverse scholarly community.

The University is committed to being a community that promotes and advances equality, respects and values diversity, and develops a collegiate environment of excellence with equality, in which the human rights, the responsibilities and diversity of all students and staff are recognised and respected.

The Maynooth University Equality and Diversity Policy has been developed therefore, to realise these core values of equality, inclusiveness, social justice, dignity and respect. This Policy provides a framework for the University to meet its obligations as an equal opportunities employer and public service provider.  The Policy can be found here and more information is available from the Equality Officer, email: equality@mu.ie

If you feel you have an equality issue, please look below: 

Seek advice  

Line Manager / Head of Department or Unit
Trained MU Contact Persons
Equality Officer, equality@mu.ie
Human Resources

Head of Department / Programme Co-ordinator
Maynooth Student Union Vice President for Welfare and Equality, welfare@msu.ie
Student Services Centre
Maynooth University Access Office, access.office@mu.ie 

Informal Procedure Options

The objective of dealing with issues informally is to try and resolve them swiftly and effectively with the minimum amount of distress to all parties.  The range of roles outlined above can help resolve issues in a proactive manner and provide options and potential pathways for resolution of issues in a positive, solution-focused manner.    
Approach the Person causing offence – If possible, you are encouraged to let the person causing offence know of the impact of their behaviour and that their behaviour is unwelcome. You can talk through what you might say/write with one of the above contacts. This will not be appropriate in alleged offences of a sexual nature. 
Contact the Equality Officer – Mediation.  Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that allows two or more parties to resolve their conflict in a mutually agreeable way with the help of a neutral third party and aims to resolves disputes at the earliest possible opportunity. If this is an appropriate route for your situation both parties will be asked to attend separate briefings that explain how mediation works.
If these actions do not succeed in resolving the situation or would not be appropriate given the nature of the complaint, you should proceed to a formal complaint.

Formal Complaint Process

Please contact equality@mu.ie if you would like more information about making a formal complaint.