Jennie Condron

Senior Regulatory Analyst
IT and telecoms
Anthropology, Law
BA (Anthropology and International Development)
LLM (International Justice)

There were many highlights during my time at Maynooth University. While studying at Maynooth I made some amazing friends, who I would still consider to be some of my closet friends to this day. The university also provided me with a perfect environment for completing my Master’s dissertation. To be able to have access to such knowledgeable and helpful staff, along with the freedom to choose a topic that is important to you, and add something new to the field, is a great experience, and one that you carry with you into the future.

Masters scholarship in recognition of academic achievement at undergraduate level.

In my opinion, Maynooth University is unique, in that it has more of a community focus rather than a competitive focus in contrast to other universities. Instead of being in competition with your peers, the atmosphere at Maynooth University encourages students to learn from each other and support each other, so that everyone can prosper to the best of their own abilities.

One important skill that is core to many subjects at Maynooth University is the ability to conduct research effectively, and identify the best sources. This skill has helped me greatly in my current role as an analyst, by allowing me to effectively source data for reports. 

During my Master’s degree, group work and engagement was greatly encouraged. I found this experience hugely beneficial as it has enhanced my teamwork and people skills, which play an important role in how I communicate with stakeholders in my professional life.

Make sure you study what makes you happy. Although a particular course may seem niche on the surface, it will allow you to develop universal skills such as critical analysis, people skills, and research skills, which can be applied to a variety of jobs. If you enjoy the course content, you will find it easier to develop these skills in tandem. At first, I was doubtful about studying an arts degree, as it sometimes receives a reputation as being not as useful as a technical degree. However, my interest in justice, and in particular climate change, led to me develop an interest in sustainable energy. Today, this has served me well as I am now working in the energy sector. Don't doubt yourself! The wide variety of interesting courses available at Maynooth University are not only highly enjoyable, but will also open you up to many career prospects in more ways than you can imagine!