2019 Fellowship Report

Friday, April 24, 2020 - 17:00

In 2019, six Teaching and Learning Fellowships were awarded to colleagues across the three Faculties.  This week we are delighted to publish a report which communicates the work of those Fellows.  The report outlines the steps taken by the Fellows in completion of their projects, records their findings, captures their reflections and shares their recommendations.  In addition, it recognises the Fellows’ commitment to the enhancement of the Maynooth University student experience, their engagement in practice-based research into teaching and learning and their contribution to the University in promoting and raising the profile of innovative practices in learning and teaching.  In gathering together the accounts of this work in this publication, we are acknowledging the Fellows’ exceptional efforts to motivate and inspire students to learn.  Their fulfilment of the Fellowships, and their record of that work in this report, represents a distinctive and important contribution to the University as a Learning Community.
The full report may be viewed here:   2019 Fellowship Report

If you would like to learn about the Maynooth University Fellowship Scheme or other teaching and learning enhancement work please do not hesitate to contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning at teachingandlearning@mu.ie