The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is seeking applications for enrolment on transferable skills module, CTL1 - Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Tutors/Demonstrators, for Semester 1, academic year 2019/20. 
 *** Closing date for applications for semester 1: 5pm 25th September, 2019 ***

The Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Tutors and Demonstrators (CTL1) is a 5 credit module offered to Maynooth University postgraduate research students with tutoring/demonstrating or teaching assistant roles within their departments. It offers participants an opportunity to gain, or build on, knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching, facilitating and supporting student learning in a range of contexts.

Who can take the course?

To apply for the module, you must be:

  • Registered as a Maynooth University postgraduate research student.
  • Have tutoring, demonstrating or teaching assistant responsibilities during the semester within which you take the module.
  • Have a minimum of 9 hours tutor/demonstrator/teaching assistant hours, ideally spread across the semester within which you take the module.

The reflective and practical nature of the teaching, learning and assessment approaches of the module requires that participants have adequate tutor/demonstrator/teaching hours to allow them to engage in the learning and fulfil the module learning outcomes. It is therefore essential that those applying for this module can demonstrate that they have a minimum of 9 tutor/demonstrator/teaching assistant hours.

When does the course take place?

Start date:  Wednesday 9th October
Duration:   The course is run over one semester with one weekly session of two hours from 10am to 12pm each Wednesday and attendance is mandatory.

In addition to attending the two-hour weekly sessions, participants will require sufficient time to complete course assignments and engage in additional reading and exploration of course topics. See the Course Structure and Assessment section for more detail.

Course co-ordinator: Margaret Keane, Centre for Teaching and Learning: