Irish Council for International Students have resources specifically for international students

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 13:45

The Irish Council for Overseas Students have updated their website to provide inforamtion and resources relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic specific to international students.

ICOS collaborate with members (including Maynooth University), student organisations and government agencies to ensure that international education policy and practice in Ireland is quality-driven and remains firmly focused on the educational and social needs of all students.

For further details on general resources and information available for international students studying in Ireland please click here

While ICOS provide general resources and supports it is still advised that international students studying at Maynooth are still being advised to consistently check MU Mail accounts along with the below Maynooth University webpage for Maynooth University specific updates on Covid 19.


IO_Corona Virus and Study Abroad students 2020-2021