Ancient Classics is the study of the civilizations of the ancient world in all their aspects: their history, literature, language, philosophy, religion, mythology, and art. All these aspects are approached in our popular undergraduate course on Greek and Roman Civilization, as well as in our postgraduate programmes.

For our students, any and every aspect of the ancient world is of potential interest and so we cover a wide range of topics, using a variety of approaches. Our aim is to offer new insights, not only on the ancient world itself, but also on its enduring impact on contemporary society too. As a multi-disciplinary subject, Classics makes for an excellent complement and supplement to other courses, particularly in the Arts and Social Sciences. The Department has an excellent reputation for both teaching and research, and its small size means that each student is able to get plenty of individual attention. 

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Undergraduates first join the Department of Ancient Classics by selecting the Bachelor of Arts – Greek & Roman Civilization programme (MH101). Across the degree, there are several possible paths that students may follow, each requiring a minimum number of credits per year with Ancient Classics.

  • One can take ‘Greek and Roman Civilization’ with another subject:
    • As a Major with a Minor in another subject (40 credits),
    • As a ‘Double Major’, or Joint Honours (30 credits), 
    • Or as the Minor with a Major in another subject (20 credits per year). 

Students can also take individual modules too, if they are listed as ELECTIVES or cross-listed as options in other subjects’ catalogues. Details for all modules on the undergraduate, BA degree can be found on Course Finder.
A BA International option is available to students on either programme. For further information consult the International Office.


The Department of Ancient Classics offers a range of taught and research postgraduate programmes: Postgraduate Diploma, Taught Masters, and Ph.D. Further details on all can be found via the links below, and on our Postgraduate Students page.