The Department offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Undergraduate BA
Details for all modules are included in Course Finder.
After the first-year modules (GC151, GC152), students may pursue different paths:
            Single-honours: 60 credits
            Double Major: 30 credits
            Minor: 20 credits
Essentially any combination of modules is possible, catering to different interests (whether literature, history, language). Below is a list of modules for 2022-23, with links to Coursefinder:
Second year:

Year 2, Semester 1:

  • GC215 Women in Greece & Rome
  • GC217 Power and the People in Imperial Rome
  • GC229 Ancient Mythology
  • GC230 Introduction to Greek Philosophy
  • GC227 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 1 
  • GC298a and GC298b Intensive Introductory Latin, 1 (co-requisites, 10 credits)

Year 2, Semester 2:

  • GC204 Greek Tragedy  
  • GC224 Understanding Thucydides: The Flowering of Greek Historiography
  • GC226 Ovid: Poet of Metamorphosis, Exile, and Love. 
  • GC228 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 2
  • GC299a and GC299b Intensive Introductory Latin, 2 (co-requisites, 10 credits)

Third year:

Year 3, Semester 1: 

  • GC309 The Aeneid & the Story of Roman Epic
  • GC313 Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Macedonia & Alexander the Great
  • GC318 Greek Law and Political Theory

Year 3, Semester 2:

  • GC316 A World full of Gods: Religious Life in the Roman Empire
  • GC319 Roman Law and Society
  • GC330 Titans, Riots, and Silent Girls: Modern Representations of the Ancient World 
  • GC350 Essay Project

 Most of these modules are also available to visiting international students. Students who spend a year studying abroad are awarded a BA (International) degree.
Postgraguate MAs
The Department offers several taught Masters degrees: 

  • One-year MA in Classical Studies
  • Two-year MA in Classics
  • One-year MA in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Thought, taught jointly between Ancient Classics and Philosophy. 

The Department also offers a PhD programme for suitably qualified candidates. If you are considering applying for a PhD in Ancient Classics, you are encouraged first to contact the Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Dr William Desmond, in order to discuss possible topics and supervision arrangements.