We are happy to welcome International and Occasional students who wish to take modules in the Department of Ancient Classics. 

For general enquiries please contact the International/Occasional Students co-ordinator, Dr William Desmond.


International/Occasional students who come to study at Maynooth University for the full academic year, or who are taking Greek and Roman Civilization modules in Semester 2 only, will be assessed in exactly the same way as regular Maynooth University students; i.e. they will sit the same examination (or do the same written assignments) and have the same essay options for any module they take. Please NOTE: Module GC350 is not available to international and occasional students.

International/Occasional Students taking Greek and Roman Civilization modules in Semester 1 only must have their assessment completed by the end of the teaching semester 1, as sitting the January examination is not an option. In place of the examination at the end of semester 1, International/Occasional students will write an essay.  In the first-year module GC151: An Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization I: Gods and Heroes: From Myth to History (7.5 credits) assessment will consist of Two Written Assignments. Details concerning the Written Assignments (Titles and Word Counts) will be made available by the lecturer concerned.  In second- and third-year modules, in place of the examination at the end of Semester one, International/Occasional students will write one essay. Please refer to Semester 1 ONLY Student Assessment below for further information regarding assessment for each module.
NOTE: Greek and/or Latin language modules cannot be taken by Semester 1 only students.