The BA in Maynooth offers a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary exploration of the ancient world. 
Details for all modules on the undergraduate, BA degree can be found on Course Finder.

First Year with Ancient Classics

Across their first year, students receive a comprehensive introduction to the ancient world - its history and culture - in two modules:

  • Semester 1. GC151 Gods and Heroes: from Myth to History
  • Semester 2. GC152 Making Rome 

Moving on from first year, students may pursue different paths as they complete their degree, taking Ancient Classics as a:

  • Single-Honours: 60 credits
  • Double Major: 30 credits
  • Minor: 20 credits

But no matter the route, in essence students can still combine modules according to their interests across second and third year, taking literature, history, or language options from the list below.

Second Year with Ancient Classics

Here is a list of second-year modules for 2023-2024, with links to their entries on coursefinder:

Semester 1:

  • GC215 Women in Greece & Rome
  • GC217 Power and the People in Imperial Rome
  • GC225 Homer, Troy, and Early Greece
  • GC230 Introduction to Greek Philosophy

Language Options:

  • GC227 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 1 
  • GC298a and GC298b Intensive Introductory Latin, 1 (co-requisites, 10 credits)

Semester 2:

  • GC204 Greek Tragedy  
  • GC224 Understanding Thucydides: The Flowering of Greek Historiography
  • GC226 Ovid: Poet of Metamorphosis, Exile, and Love

Language Options:

  • GC228 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 2
  • GC299a and GC299b Intensive Introductory Latin, 2 (co-requisites, 10 credits)

Third Year with Ancient Classics

Here is a list of third-year modules for 2023-2024, with links to their entries on coursefinder:

Semester 1: 

  • GC309 The Aeneid & the Story of Roman Epic
  • GC313 Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Macedonia & Alexander the Great
  • GC318 Greek Law and Political Theory

Language Options:

  • GC327 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 3
  • GC398A  Prose Literature of the Roman Republic
  • GC398B  Poetry of the Roman Republic

Semester 2:

  • GC316 A World full of Gods: Religious Life in the Roman Empire
  • GC319 Roman Law and Society
  • GC332 Classical World in Modern Media 
  • GC350 Essay Project *Compulsory for Double Maj. & Single Hons. 

Language Options:

  • GC328 Introduction to Ancient Greek, 4
  • GC399A  Prose Literature of the Roman Empire
  • GC399B  Poetry of the Roman Empire

Note: Most of these undergraduate modules - from first to third year - are also available to visiting international students. Students who spend a year studying abroad are awarded a BA (International) degree.

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