Collateral Damage: the impact of addiction on the family

Collateral Damage the impact of addiction on the family. Students discuss the matter of addiction
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 13:15

Saturday 12 March 2016 saw students from both the NUI Cert. in Addiction Studies Level 7 and Diploma in Addiction Studies Level 8 attend our annual Seminar, joined for the first time by members of the general public.  This year the theme was addiction and family and the three speakers, Megan O'Leary from the National Family Support Network, Robert Dunn Barnardos and Stephen Harding Academic Specialist Addiction Studies Programmes MU present three very interesting papers on varing aspects of addiction and how it impacts on more than just the addicted person.  Family, community and wider concerns including society and the economy were brought into sharp focus as the students undertook small group workshops in the afternoon analysing and critiquing drug and alcohol policy and different methods of intervention and response.  You can access the PP presentations from our three speakers below:
  Collateral Damage: Where did we go wrong?  Megan O'Leary
  Collateral Damage: It Must be Me  Robert Dunn
  Collateral Damage: Hidden Harm   Stephen Harding