Think About Teaching Foundation Cert is a one year, Level 6 university preparation or access course for people who have an interest in teaching as a career path. 

The purpose of the course is to allow students to critically reflect on their own educational stories both individually and collectively as they work through educational and career pathways.   The course also prepares students for the academic, social and cultural opportunities and challenges of university study.

The course is run by staff from the Department of Adult and Community Education in partnership with the Froebel, Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, the Department of Education (secondary), Maynooth Access Office (MAP), and the Admissions Office.

The School of Education is unique in Ireland in having four academic departments which cover teacher education and development from early childhood, through to primary, secondary and further education.
Pathways to teaching
There are a number of pathways to becoming a teacher.   Some graduates of the Think about Teaching Foundation Certificate will gain entry to Bachelor of Education (or ‘B.Ed’) programmes which lead, on successful completion, to a teacher qualification.  Most graduates of the programme will progress to Bachelor of Arts degree (often called a ‘B.A’ ) which, on successful completion, will allow them to apply for any three of the postgraduate teaching qualification programmes (i.e., primary, secondary, further education).
You will be asked, on application for the Foundation Certificate, to rank your preference across the three streams in relation to your teaching aspirations. 

Click on each stream below to find out more about each stream: