The students who want to become secondary science/maths teachers will participate in modules that include: Fundamental Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Experimental Physics and Computer Science. These modules are run by Maynooth University's Foundation Cert in Science. Students will also attend a programme of supportive, academic development classes that aim to help students integrate to academic and social life within the university.

Students will develop practical knowledge and experience of teaching throughout the course and in partnership with school partners.

If you wish to undertake the Science and Maths Teaching stream you must have studied maths up to Junior Certificate level, or its equivalent.

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The destination degree for graduates of the Secondary Science and Maths track  is  MH212 which comprises three streams, which students with the necessary entry requirements can progress to:
MH212 BSc Mathematics and Computer Science (with Education) Click here for more details
MH212 BSc Mathematics (with Education) Click here for more details
MH212 BSc Science (with Education) Click here for more details
By choosing the MH212 degree you will have a range of options open to you after four years. Having studied Science and Education for four years you are awarded a BSc Science (with Education) degree - a level 8 honours degree. You can decide to exit the programme at this stage or stay on for one more year of postgraduate study which will result in the Level 9 Professional Master of Education degree. This extra year is required in order to meet the Teaching Council requirements to be registered as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) in two subjects.
Having completed the five years of the BSc Science (with Education) degree, students have a Professional Master of Education (PME). Graduates from this programme are on an equal footing with graduates from the consecutive route (i.e. four year BSc followed by two year PME). Through this pathway you are fully qualified after five years rather than taking the six year route.