Mezzo-Soprano Sharon Carty appointed Maynooth Campus Associate Artist

Pictured: Rev Prof. Michael Mullaney, Ms Brenda Brady (Kildare C.C. Arts Office), Mr Alan Costello, Ms Sharon Carty, Dr Antonio Cascelli, Dr John O'Keeffe.
Monday, October 5, 2020 - 10:00

Maynooth College and Maynooth University’s Music Department and Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy, in partnership with Music Generation Kildare and Kildare County Council, are delighted to announce the appointment of Sharon Carty (mezzo soprano) as Maynooth Campus Associate Artist for the coming academic year, 2020 – 2021. 
Rev.  Michael Mullaney, President of Maynooth College says, ‘We are delighted to support this initiative, which places a value on the vital contribution that artists make in providing moments of inspiration and hope in our lives.’ Dr Antonio Cascelli, Head of the University’s Music Department is excited about the new role, which will involve both performing and teaching: ‘With her incredible talent and international experience, Sharon will have the opportunity to share her expertise with students in Maynooth and will enchant audiences with her singing’.
Following over a decade of professional performing experience in the concert halls and opera houses of continental Europe, Sharon is now based in Kildare, and is excited about recent musical developments in the county. One of these is the appointment of Alan Costello as Music Development Officer for Music Generation Kildare, an organisation with which Sharon has already forged promising links. ‘Music Generation Kildare is delighted to support this new innovative initiative which supports Musician Educators in the county. The young musicians in Kildare will benefit greatly from Sharon’s extensive experience and we look forward to the performance music opportunities this residency will offer children and young people in the county over the coming year ’says Alan. 
The Maynooth initiative also has the support of Kildare County Council, represented by Arts Officer, Lucina Russell: ‘We are very pleased to be involved in this project, which not only has musical and educational benefits for the county, but is a concrete means by which we can support one of our own artists in a very challenging economic climate.  This is very much line with the local authority’s shared commitment with the Arts Council: ‘to support artists.’’  

Dr John O’Keeffe, Director of Church Music and Choral Groups at Maynooth, gives the following account of the project’s genesis: ‘This grew out of a lockdown reality in which people, including musicians, were confined to their local areas. I suggested to Sharon that we put on a virtual concert of Bach’s music from Maynooth College Chapel on Midsummer’s Day. The success of this led in turn led to a larger scale event for Kildare’s Culture Night, and eventually to the announcement of this exciting initiative.’