Are you a student in another Higher Education Institute who would like to transfer to Maynooth University? Or are you a current Maynooth student who would like to transfer to another degree?

  • 2023 CAO Offer - It is possible to apply to transfer to another 1st year degree at  Maynooth University. You must have the points and subject requirements and there must be a space in the requested degree. Apply online here.
  • External (non-Maynooth University student) applicants - we welcome your application on CAO Advanced Entry from January 1st - July​ 14th 2023.
  • Internal (current Maynooth University/ St. Patrick's Pontifical University student) applicants to year 2/3/4 - Apply directly to Maynooth University online between January 1st and  July 14th 2023. In some circumstances we may consider late applications but this is not guaranteed and will result in a delay in registration. Please email to ask about late applications.
  • ​Internal (current Maynooth University/ St. Patrick's Pontifical University student) applicants to 1st year of a different degree - Apply to CAO and submit an internal transfer form between January 1st and  July 14th 2023 (no transfer application fee required for CAO applicants). Please include your new CAO number on the application. CAO will open for exceptional late applications in July (you must be a registered student to apply).
  • ​BA Early Childhood - Teaching & Learning (flexible) degree (CAO Code MH004) - applications must be made through the Advanced Entry portal on the CAO application website


Note for Current Maynooth University Students:

Please check below for a list of automatic transfers (Automatic transfers for continuing MU students). No application is required for these degrees.

If you are a 2022-2023 registered MU student wishing to study additional modules, please email the Records and Registration office at