PhD Scholar Aaron Harte-Hughes has recently published an article in Irish Criminal Law Journal

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 09:30

Doctoral Teaching Scholar and PhD Student at the School of Law and Criminology, Aaron Harte-Hughes, has recently published an article “Security through Obscurity? EU Recommendations and the Irish Witness Security Programme” in Volume 33 Number 2 of the Irish Criminal Law Journal.
The article affords a contemporaneous appraisal of the Irish Witness Security Programme, in light of EU Reports and Recommendations regarding the operation and maintenance of witness protection programmes within the bloc. Overall, the article affirms the important role that such programmes can play in combatting sophisticated organised crime groups. However, the author expresses concern regarding the level of conformity within this jurisdiction towards both EU recommendations and developing jurisprudence on witness protection programmes.
Additionally, Aaron was previously cited on the front page of the Irish Times (19/04/23). The quotation refers to the potential admission of a witness on a protection programme, as well as considering any effect that a trial decision may have on agreed protection arrangements.
Aaron’s doctoral research concerns “A Critical Analysis of the Irish Witness Security Programme”. The study represents a seminal, independent, and focussed analysis of the programme here in Ireland. This research is supervised by Professor Claire Hamilton. Aaron’s research is funded by the School of Law and Criminology Doctoral Teaching Scholarship.
The article is available in both print copy and digitally through Westlaw IE.

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