MA participant Joseph Kabwe Kamfwa supports Afri’s annual Famine Walk

Monday, June 19, 2023 - 11:00

Afri famine walk 2023 - Joseph speech

Joseph Kabwe Kamfwa participated in an annual Afri event in County Mayo on 20th May 2023. Joseph is one of our wonderful 2022/23 MA in International Development programme participants. As an agriculturalist and development practitioner from Zambia, Joseph drew on personal experience and values to speak with authenticity and integrity at the event.

Afri is an Irish NGO working on social justices issues, such as, to ensure that Ireland contributes to the promotion of global justice and peace, the reduction of global poverty, the progressive reduction of global militarisation, and the promotion of sustainable solutions. Each year Afri hosts a famine walk to remember those who suffered, died or were forced to emigrate during An Gorta Mór (the great hunger - the Irish famine) and those who suffer the same injustices today.

The 35th annual Famine Walk took place via the Doolough Valley in County Mayo. Joseph joined well known Irish singer and independent Senator Frances Black, and educationalist and activist Michael Doorly of Concern as this year’s walk leaders for the event.  This year’s theme “famine is a lie and war is a crime” highlighted the human actions leading to famine and was an expression of solidarity with all who suffer as a result of war and a call for every effort to be made to bring an end to war and pursue a path of peace. A summary and video of the event can be found on Afri’s website.  

Afri famine walk 2023 - tree planting
people setting out on the Afri famine walk 2023