Why study Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the purest forms of thought and its relevance to our everyday lives is fundamental. While its origins dates back to ancient Greece, mathematics continues to underpin key areas of human endeavour and industry, from engineering to construction, economics to software development and space travel.  For many, the appeal of mathematics – and what makes it unique – is its basis in proof. Unlike those working in any other discipline, mathematicians are able to make statements with absolute certainty. Once a theory is proved, it is proved forever and cannot be refuted. Pythagoras’ famous theorem for measuring the sides of right-angled triangles is as true today as it was when he formulated it in the sixth century BC.

As a student, you will progress from the foundations of school Mathematics all the way to the threshold of ground-breaking new research in the field. You will gain a firm grounding in the key areas of mathematics, while developing the ability to invent, criticise and perfect mathematics for yourself. You will learn to think rigorously about questions and to solve problems – invaluable skills that can be transferred to any area of life and any job you hold in future. 
There is a variety of ways to study Mathematics at Maynooth; Mathematical Studies, Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, all available as either Single Major or Double Major degree subjects. This range of choice helps students ensure that they can match their degree to their career aspirations, whatever they are.

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