Top 10 authors downloaded from ePrints

Monday, May 11, 2015 - 00:00

Check out the top 10 authors downloaded from ePrints in April.

Author Download Count
Farrell, Ronan 489
Timoney, Joseph 381
Leith , Douglas 373
Jeffers, Gerry 302
Duffy, Patrick 262
Lazzarini, Victor 250
Shorten, Robert 205
Buckley, Stephen M. 187
El-Tom, Abdullahi 171
Hogan, Padraig 153
O'Neill, Donal 148


Top 10 highest climbers downloaded from ePrints April 2015


Eprint 2/Mar/15 to 31/Mar/15 1/Apr/15 to 30/Apr/15 Difference
What is Human Dignity? 78 360 282
Ar an gCoigríoch: Migration and Identity in Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Irish -Language Literature 61 264 203
Methodology: Analysing Qualitative Data and Writing up your Findings 2095 2231 136
Geographically Weighted Regression: A Method for Exploring Spatial Nonstationarity 109 240 131
Distributed Leadership and its Impact on Teaching and Learning 274 391 117
Genealogy, method 260 368 108
A Statistical Analysis of 10-pin Bowling Scores and an Examination of the Fairness of Alternative Handicapping Systems 12 99 87
Ireland and the Waterloo campaign of 1815 214 298 84
Post-Positivist Approaches to Research 909 989 80
What impact might globalisation have on Irish civil society 5 80 75

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