Seminar: Addiction and Recovery - Brain and Behaviour - an exploration from different but complementary academic disciplines

Addiction Studies and Cert. in Psychology Joint Seminar.
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 09:00
Maynooth University

Forthcoming seminar

This seminar will examine addiction and recovery from two different but complementary academic disciplines psychology and sociology. Dr Katriona O’Sullivan completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin in 2012; she examined the behavioural, cognitive and neuro-biological factors that supported drug users to move from dependence to long-term successful abstinence. Katriona will highlight the complex relationship between the brain and behaviour in addiction; discussing concepts of choice and control and the important role that the brain plays in these processes. It will draw on evidence which shows that there are key brain processes implicated in drug use, and there are core differences between the ‘addict’ brain and the non-addict brain in the reward centre and the control centre. Dr Patricia Doyle is an experienced lecturer/adult educator/researcher in sociology and in addiction/recovery and was awarded a PhD from Maynooth University in 2010, for her work in this area. Her publications include those based on RECOVEU: a participative approach to curriculum development for adults in addiction recovery across the European Union. As former chair of the Recovery Academy Ireland (RAI) she is involved in the effort to promote the re-orientation of addiction services toward a Recovery model that is inclusive of, but not exclusive to, harm reduction at the community, national and policymaking levels. The further aim of the RAI to give a voice to people in recovery, their families and allies. This should be an interesting and lively seminar.

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