INNOVATIONS IN GEOCOMPUTATION - A tribute to the career of Martin Charlton

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 13:00 to 16:15
on line

Join us in celebration of the career of our colleague Martin Charlton.
Speakers will reflect on his work and how it has inspired their own research (sessions 1 & 2, 13.00-15.05), and reminisce on and celebrate the life of our dearly missed friend (session 3: 15.15-16.15)
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Session 1:
Prof. Chris Brunsdon, Director, National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG) (Chair)
Prof. Lex Comber, University of Leeds
Prof. Richard Harris, University of Bristol
Prof. Michael Batty, University College of London
Tomoki Nakaya, Tohoku University 
Dr. Binbin Lu, Wuhan University
Break 14.05-14.15  
Session 2:
Prof. Andy Large, Newcastle University
Prof. Paul Harris, Rothamsted Research
Prof. Mike Goodchild, University of California, Santa Barbara
Dr. Jeneen Naji, MU Media Studies 
Bruce McCormack, IRLOGI 
Session 3:
Personal reflections on the career of Martin Charlton
All participants are welcome to contribute to this session with opening remarks by
Prof. Rob Kitchin, MUSSI
Prof. Ray O’Neill, MU
Prof. Linda Connolly, MUSSI
Prof. Mary Gilmartin, MU Dept. of Geography and Dr. Kylie Jarrett MU Media Studies
Prof. Mark Boyle, MU Dept. of Geography