Increase in CAO points shows high demand for Maynooth University courses

Monday, August 18, 2014 - 00:00

There has been strong demand for ICT and specialist sciences courses at  Maynooth University  this year.
The BSc in Computational Thinking has increased by 20 points from last year up to 520, the BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry has increased 35 points to 470 and the BSc in Astrophysics up 15 points to 455. Points for the BSc in Product Design have increased by 35 points to 365.
Demand for education courses for primary and second level teachers has seen a strong increase. The BEd in Primary Education is up 15 to 510 points and both the BSc in Science Education (up 15 to 480 points) and the BSc in Maths Education (up 10 to 455 points) have experienced an increase in points.

Ireland's fastest growing university

There is strong demand for other courses in  Maynooth University; at 350 points the Arts degree has the highest of the main universities in that field and continuing the previously noted return to growth in business subjects, the Business & Management and the Accounting programmes have seen points increase.
In recent years Maynooth University has been Ireland’s fastest growing university and this year over 2,500 students will receive offers from Maynooth, an increase of 9% on last year.
Discussing the CAO points, Professor Philip Nolan, President of Maynooth University said: “Maynooth continues to be Ireland’s fastest growing university and we have responded enthusiastically to the HEA’s requirement for institutions to increase their intake, with a 9% uplift in offers this year. 
We continue to see strong demand for our education courses, with increases in the points for Primary, Second-level and Early Childhood courses.  We are particularly pleased to see that that the demand for the Froebel B.Ed. degree has continued to strengthen following the transfer of the programme to Maynooth in 2013.
“Our reputation for world class scientists has seen strong demand for our specialist science courses, and the continued strength of the ICT sector brings an increase in points in several of our related programmes.
“As the economy turns a corner and sentiment improves, business courses are seeing a resurgence in terms of demand. Our Arts degree, which has always been a strong discipline for Maynooth, remains the most popular in its field nationwide.
“Students are responding to our reputation as a leading university which offers not just academic and research excellence, but an opportunity to experience the social environment of Ireland’s only university town and an education which also focuses on developing their life skills," said Professor Nolan.
Maynooth University  has experienced consistent increases in demand for places in recent years, with the number of CAO first preferences growing every year, driven by its reputation for academic quality and a student-friendly approach.  With a new and more flexible degree structure being introduced, recent recruitment of staff, and investment in infrastructure, the university looks set to see further growth in the coming years.