#FirstWeds Conversation 3rd February

Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 12:15

Niamh Rooney from the Department of International Development moderated an engaging discussion on Ireland, Palestine and the UN Security Council for the first Comhlamh First Wednesday event of 2021.
The panelists for the event were Richard Falk, Abeer al-Mashni and Eamonn Meehan. Some key messages from the discussion were that:

  • the UN has a special responsibility to Palestine and needs to live up to its’ obligations in that respect,
  • the UN needs to defend its authority on settlements and UN Res. 2334 needs to be implemented,
  • the system of apartheid needs to be dismantled with the same urgency and attention given to the former apartheid system in South Africa. 

Recommended actions from the discussion:

  • The panelists agreed that Ireland has the credibility to raise and progress these issues in line with its stated principle of pursuing accountability during its tenure on the UNSC.
  • Irish civil society needs to hold the Irish government to account for its responsibilities to the Palestinian people.

You can listen back to this #FirstWednesday debate on Comhlamh's Youtube Channel