Feedback and Teaching Evaluation Initiative - (SALTE19)

Friday, May 28, 2021 - 00:30

Feedback and Teaching Evaluation Initiative

Part of the Maynooth University Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement (SALTE2019) in Higher Education
under the National Teaching and Learning forum.

Our Department Colleagues Dr Niamh Flanagan, Dr Ciara Bradley and Dr Gloria Kirwan joined forces
as Project Team Leads to develop a model for feedback and teaching evaluation.

Their model emphasised the importance of a “culture of feedback” which combined Student-to-staff, Staff-to-student,
and peer-to-peer feedback utilising listening, modelling and empowering to maximise the power of feedback.
In the process they revealed that peer to peer feedback is most favoured by both academic staff
and students as an effective feedback and evaluation method.
They embedded peer to peer feedback across a number of programme modules to test responsiveness
to this dimension of feedback and evaluation.
The team plans to progress this initiative further and to write and publish about  'our culture of feedback'
and in the process disseminate some of the great ideas that resulted from this initiative.

Listen to the DAPPSS Feedback & Evaluation Showcase Presentation on Youtube

Further information can be found by clicking this link: About the Initiative