12th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - 09:15 to 17:15
Iontas Building, North Campus, Maynooth University
The 12th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference in association with the Sociology Department, Maynooth University will provide a forum for the presentation of research papers on labour market issues (North and south of Ireland and international). 

It is being held in The Iontas Building, Maynooth University on Thursday 16 May 2024 from 09:15 - 17:10. 

Find the programme for the conference.

Presentations from researchers, academics and labour market practitioners will be made at this conference.  The topics  that will be presented on include but are not limited to:

  1. Employment, Unemployment and Labour Market Transitions (Migration, Age, Gender);
  2. Earnings, Labour Costs and Affordability;
  3. Productivity, Growth and Human Capital;
  4. Low Pay, In-work poverty, Working Conditions, Job security and Job Quality;
  5. Labour Market Participation and Activation, Demographics, Labour Supply, Overqualification Incentives and Barriers;
  6. Labour Market Institutions: Minimum/Living Wages, Collective Bargaining, Workplace Regimes, Regional and Sectoral Labour Market;
  7. Distribution and Labour Market Inequalities, Fiscal Policy and the Labour Market;
  8. Labour market impacts of Brexit, Covid & the ‘cost of living’ crisis;
  9. Interaction between and impact of taxation and welfare systems on the labour market;
  10. Economies in transition: Climate and Net Zero Emissions Transition, Digitalisation, Automation, Just Transitions, Lock-in;
  11. Comparative labour market policies.

The conference is open to all who are interested and is free to attend.  However, you must register your intention to attend the conference by contacting info@nerinstitute.net .
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 15 May 2024