Media Studies Research
The Media Studies department’s research covers a wide range of disciplines concerned with the central importance of media in all facets of contemporary society. We cover a diverse range of established research topics, such as film, radio and television studies, gender and media, political economy, creative industries, cultural and media history, the politics of race and journalism. We are also committed to researching contemporary, trending and emerging topics, such as interactive art installations, social media platforms, the mediated city, digital writing and posthumanism.
We have a strong focus on researching the social implications of the newest dimensions of digital media, in particular labour practices, journalism, city life, consumer culture, politics and social debate. At the same time, we also concentrate on the past, with expertise in researching the histories of media and cultural practices.
The department is committed to practice-based research with creative projects in interactive digital media as well as in film and TV production.
Our internationally recognised researchers publish extensively in both academic and popular contexts – see our People page for individual research profiles. In addition to this, we have strong connections with the Irish media industry, the MU Social Sciences Institute and the MU Arts and Humanities Institute, as well as the global academic community.
Our undergraduate and graduate students benefit from a rich research environment and from the global academic connections developed and maintained by our lecturers. We maintain an excellent research output and remain at the forefront of both Irish and global media research.
We welcome any queries from potential graduate students and research collaborators. Our department supports a range of doctoral projects and masters projects. If you are interested in our MA in Critical and Creative Media or undertaking a PhD or MLitt with the Department of Media Studies, please contact the Research and Postgraduate Coordinator, Professor Gavan Titley.