BA Media Studies

Media Studies engages critically and practically with the nature of media, a vital skill in an era of fake news, selfies and viral videos, and where media industries are constantly expanding.

  • You will study the principles and practices of audio-visual production and interactive web authoring, how to research and analyse media cultures, genres and industries, and the role of media in society and politics.
  • Students engage in independent and group projects to develop their media practice and have a flexible range of optional modules to expand their critical understanding.
  • Media Studies can be combined with Computer Science to develop a broad expertise in Media Technologies.
  • Gain practical experience through hands-on instruction in both digital and audio-visual creative media practice.
  • Learn about the impact of a range of media forms in society, culture and politics.
  • Broaden your educational experience by studying Media Studies along with Arts subjects (such as languages, business, social sciences, computer science).

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