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Recordings 1-8
In these recordings Sister Majella McCarron (OLA) recounts her childhood in Fermanagh; the decision to join a religious order; her early years in Nigeria; meeting Ken Saro-Wiwa ; her efforts to save the lives of the Ogoni Nine in Ireland and internationally and her campaign work in Ireland as a table observer of the Shell to Sea campaign and the Garvaghy Road conflict.


Recording 9
In this recording Dr Ide Corley, Maynooth University Department of English, discusses Ken Saro-Wiwa’s position in post-colonial African literature and his role as a popular novelist and the creator of an award winning television sitcom.

Recording 10
Helen Fallon, Deputy Librarian, Maynooth University Library, talks about the acquisition of the death row correspondence from Ken Saro-Wiwa to Sister Majella McCarron.

Recording 11
Dr Laurence Cox, Maynooth University Department of Sociology, discusses Ken Saro-Wiwa’s legacy in terms of conflict over natural resources and the importance of the archive for both researchers and activists.

Recording 12
Dr Owens Wiwa speaks about growing up in an extended family in Ogoni; the growing realisation of the environmental destruction of the Niger Delta; his brother Ken’s efforts to organise non-violent protests against the international petrochemical industry and the hostility he and the Ogoni people experienced from the Nigerian military dictatorship. Dr Wiwa give a firsthand account of his visits to Ogoni villages including Ka, which were destroyed during the hostilities and his efforts to supply medical supplies to the injured

Recording 13
Dr Owens Wiwa speaks about his efforts to save his brother’s life; going into hiding in Nigeria and subsequently moving to Canada; the identification of the remains of his brother and the eight others who were hanged with him and his gratitude that one part of his brother’s is going to be preserved in the Maynooth University archives

Recording 14
Dr Owens Wiwa reads two poems written by Ken Saro-Wiwa “Ogoni! Ogoni! and “For Sister Majella McCarron”


Recording 15
An interview with Noo Saro-Wiwa