Jessica Scott (LLB Candidate) shares her Erasmus experience at the University of Groningen

Jessica Scott at the University of Groningen
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 11:15

All first year and second year students are invited to an information meeting for anyone interested in study abroad options in 2018-19. It will take place on Monday 13th November at 11am in CB6 (Callan Building).

Testimony about The University of Groningen: 

It is a great opportunity to study outside of Ireland, with diverse subject choices such as Cybercrime or Asylum Law. It gave me the chance to meet other people from different cultures. The student housing allowed me to meet new people and there was always something to do, like a 12-hour bus trip to Oktoberfest. Groningen is a student orientated city, easily accessible by bikes or buses! Beware: The Dutch have their own cycling rules!

All the fun aside, there are a lot of exams so you need to keep on top of work. There is a Student Law Association (Nexus) which provide advice and study material as well as social events! By Joining the Erasmus Social Network (ESN) and participating in their introduction week, I got to make lots of friends and it provides information about your stay and how to make the best of your Erasmus year!

Jessica Scott (LLB Candidate), University of Groningen (2016-2017)