Study Abroad

At the School of Law and Criminology, we recognise the value of studying abroad. From personal growth, to intercultural development, to career advancement, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of undertaking part of your education in another country. That is why we offer opportunities to our students to study abroad at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Students

Studying abroad as part of your Law degree at Maynooth offers a fantastic opportunity to live in a different country, expand your cultural, social and linguistic horizons, and experience different approaches and methods of university education. Students on any of our undergraduate programmes can take their penultimate year to study in Europe as an Erasmus student (for which Erasmus grants are available), or outside of Europe as an international student. For example, some of our students have studied law at Boston College Law School, alongside graduate students. David Fitzmaurice and Sharon Hickey both studied at Boston and have each gone on to complete LLMs in top US universities since graduating from Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology.  

The partner universities which currently offer modules in Law are listed below. The majority of these universities offer modules in English. For a full list of the University's general Erasmus partners and also Non-EU partners (i.e. across all disciplines, not just Law), see the International Office's website. If you have an interest in a particular partner university that is not currently listed as offering Law modules, it may still be possible to check what is available in terms of Law.​

For BCL students, the year abroad is an additional year, turning the degree from three years into four years, with the third year spent abroad. Law & Arts or Law & Business students are encouraged to take some law modules as part of their study abroad, but this is not compulsory.

For LLB students, the year abroad is an integrated year of the degree, meaning that the year abroad comes instead of (rather than additional to) one of the years of study in Maynooth. For this reason, LLB students abroad are required to obtain the equivalent credit in Law that they would have obtained in Maynooth. The year abroad is undertaken in the third year of the four year degree. Note that some of the partner universities listed below may not have sufficient Law modules available through English to host students for the LLB integrated year abroad.​


University Country Language
University of Notre Dame (Fremantle/Sydney) Australia English
Université de Strasbourg  France French
Catholic University of Lyon France   English, French
Toulouse 1 Capitole University  France   French
European University Viadrina Frankfurt  Germany English, German
University of Insubria  Italy English, Italian
University of Trento Italy English, Italian
University of Groningen Netherlands     English, Dutch
Comenius University Bratislava Slovakia  English
University of Ljubljana Slovenia English
Boston College United States of America English

Read about Jessica Scott's experiences at the University of Groningen.

Postgraduate Students

At postgraduate level, students undertaking the LLM (International Business Law) have the option of spending a semester in Lyon.