Life Histories and Social Change collection

Depositors: Sean Ó Riain (National University of Ireland Maynooth), Jane Gray (National University of Ireland Maynooth), Aileen O'Carroll (National University of Ireland Maynooth) 

Life Histories and Social Change is a large collection of qualitative life story interviews with three cohorts of Irish citizens who reached adulthood in the crucial decades of the 1950s (an era of socio-economic decline), the 1970s (an era of initial 'modernisation') and the 1990s (the 'Celtic Tiger' boom). The research was funded by the Irish Research Council. A total of 113 life history interviews were conducted by researchers from Maynooth University between 2006 and 2008. Of this number, 100 have been made available for re-use through the Irish Qualitative Data Archive as full-interview transcripts and as short, topic-focused audio clips.

Participants in the study were drawn from three birth cohorts: those born between 1916 - 1934; between 1945 - 1954, and between 1965 - 1974. One interviewee was born in 1914 but the transcript was not included in the archived collection. Interviewees had previously participated in all eight waves of the 'Living in Ireland Survey' that formed part of the European Community Household Panel study, conducted in each year from 1994 - 2001. While some of the audio clips in this collection are openly available through the DRI, access to the full Life Histories and Social Change collection is restricted to bona fide researchers and teachers, and to students who are currently registered at a third-level academic institution. Access to the full Life Histories and Social Change collection is through application to the Irish Qualitative Data Archive.

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Published research using the Life Histories and Social Change collection
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