Growing Up in Ireland wave 1 at 9 years

Depositors: James Williams (Economic and Social Research Institute), Sheila Greene (Trinity College Dublin), Erika Doyle (Trinity College Dublin), Elaine Harris (Trinity College Dublin), Rory McDaid (Marino Institute of Education), Sinéad McNally (Trinity College Dublin), Brían Merriman (Trinity College Dublin), Elizabeth Nixon (Trinity College Dublin), Lorraine Swords (Trinity College Dublin).

Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) is the national longitudinal study of children in Ireland. The main aim of the study is to describe the status of two representative samples of children in Ireland and how they are developing in the current social, economic, and cultural environment. The data in the IQDA are from the first wave of qualitative research conducted between April and August 2008 with a sample of 120 families from the nine-year cohort of GUI. More information about this national longitudinal study can be found on the Growing Up in Ireland website.

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Published research using the Growing Up in Ireland, Wave 1 at 9 years collection

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