The Irish Sediment Core Research Facilities laboratory is based within ICARUS at Maynooth University.  It is located within Laraghbryan House, North Campus, Maynooth University (see map).  The lab and storage facilities allow sediment core storage, handling and analysis.  The lab serves some needs for members of the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction community in Ireland that use sediment archives (e.g. seabed, lake or peat-bog sediments) as an information store.  The lab contains a GeoTek Ltd. Multi-Sensor Core Logger (S) for the non-destructive assessment of a range of sediment physical properties (e.g. magnetic susceptibility, resistivity, bulk density) and a precise splitting table adjustable to most sediment core liner (tube) sizes. Furthermore, the extended lab facilities allow for the careful logging and subsampling of the cores for further analysis, some of which can be performed on site (such as micro- and macro-palaeontological analysis).

ISCORF opening photo

ISCORF at its official opening.

Soil coring
Soil core

Soil coring fieldwork activities