Waste Management

The University is committed to reducing the volume of waste generated in additional to increasing the proportion of waste which is recycled.  MGC endeavours to implement sustainable resource management practices based on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principles.

MGC strives to reduce the acquisition of new materials by re-using existing materials and increasing recycling to the highest possible standards. All waste is disposed of in a manner consistent with statutory requirements and procedures are documented.  MGC continues to use the University web pages as a platform to keep the staff, students and wider stakeholder community informed of the University’s waste policies and procedures.

Waste Management working group

Leader: Dorena Bishop, Dept. History dorena.bishop@mu.ie

Also members of the Waste Working Group are:
AnnMarie Cudden, Maynooth Students’ Union
Ivan Griffin, Campus & Commercial Services Manager
Dr Linzi Ryan, Dept. of Design Innovation
Stephen Seaman, Grounds Department
Mireia Guardino-Ferran, MGC Coordinator