Biodiversity is the diversity of living organisms found in a given area. Across our campus and surrounding locality we are particularly fortunate to find a diverse range of habitats rich in flora and fauna. These areas are not only important for the plants and animals that inhabit them but they also provide an invaluable amenity both aesthetic and social for the staff, students and wider community that access our campus.

The MGC Biodiversity Working Group (BWG) is involved in numerous initiatives and activities focussed on developing these habitats and maximising the biodiversity value of the campus. These initiatives range from the preparation of habitat maps, creation of species record and identification databases and the establishment of outreach and educational programmes to inform and involve the campus and wider communities. The BWG is also involved in the coordination of the annual Bioblitz events and BioDiversity Days. In 2016, Maynooth University became an official partner to the All-Ireland Pollinator plan, an initiative led by the National Biodiversity Centre ( to promote management practices that benefit our threatened native pollinators.