Maynooth Green Campus Committee
Strategic Plan 2018-2022 submission


  • Make Maynooth University an internationally recognised model in relation to environmental sustainability and environmental justice in its planning, operations, teaching and research and public engagement.


  • Make MU a model in relation to energy use and conservation;
  • Make MU a model in relation to waste reduction, recycling;
  • Make MU a model in relation to water management;
  • Make MU a model in relation to travel and transport management;
  • Make the campus a model site for promoting biodiversity;
  • Make MU an internationally recognised centre for promoting climate justice;

General Actions:

  • Continue to collaborate with SPCM and Trócaire in pursuing environmental goals and climate justice;
  • Invest in a planned ducting system that integrates underground services (electricity, gas and water) into a system to serve existing and new buildings on the campus;
  • Promote the mainstreaming of good practice through University structures;
  • Promote the themes of environmental sustainability and related social justice concerns across the board in teaching, learning, research and public engagement at the University;
  • Work with local community groups to harmonise efforts in sustainability for Maynooth as a whole
  • Support efforts to achieve and retain the An Taisce Green Campus Flag;

Thematic Actions:

Energy Management

  • Achieve all required public targets in relation to energy reduction of 33% per FTE student by 2020;
  • Obtain and operate ISO50001 standard energy management system for this purpose;
  • Mainstream best practice protocols for energy conservation in the everyday operation of insulation, lighting, heating and electrical equipment buildings, offices, labs –  building by building;
  • Do feasibility studies for renewable energy: a) a significant wind power project and b) a significant solar power initiative and c) explore the potential for geothermal sources;
  • Continue to improve heating efficiency and replace inefficient plant;
  • Utilise common ducting system for as called for above;

Waste Management

  • Consolidate projects on improving waste stream management;
  • Improve bin labelling and educating and motivating staff and students;
  • Continue to develop new smart bins and other projects;
  • Continue to improve data on waste in conjunction with waste recycling contractors;
  • Promote new imaginative projects, particularly in relation to plastic bottles, non-recyclable disposables in the catering area;

Water Conservation

  • Upgrade water pipes and eliminate leaks from the system;
  • Utilise the common ducting system (proposed above) to enable proper diagnostic and immediate response to leakages;
  • Find imaginative ways to incorporate storm-water retention basins for new buildings into lakes to provide landscaping for environmental, social and aesthetic benefit, instead of beneath buildings;
  • Promote use of rainwater and grey water where appropriate within buildings and in grounds management;
  • Promote the use of re-usable drinking bottles and the elimination of single-use plastic bottles ;
  • Provide more goose-necked water fountains on campus and maintain and clean existing ones daily, provide attractive signage & continue promotions like the offer of a reusable MU drink bottle to all new students);

Sustainable Travel and Transport

  • Promote cycling through infrastructure (cycle-ways on and off campus; secure, sheltered bike racks; accessible shower facilities, repair and sale services on campus);
  • Promote walking and review and redesign pedestrian pathways;
  • Promote better access by bus services (e.g., bringing Dublin Bus services beyond Maynooth town to the North campus);
  • Promote reduced car use, car-sharing;
  • Redesign the routing of cars so as to eliminate pedestrian-motorist intersections;
  • Significantly reduce the distance an average car drives on the campus each day – (the circular one-way system on the North Campus is exactly one mile in length!);
  • Review the siting of parking so as to reduce or minimise pedestrian road-crossing give way to pedestrians (in particular the major busy crossing near the School of Education;


  • Link the rich biodiversity of our campus to wider global issues of biodiversity, such as pollination, food security;
  • Embrace and promote the participation by the University in the All Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), as initiated by the Maynooth Green Campus Biodiversity working group;
  • Highlight exciting participative learning events such as annual Biodiversity Week and the Bio-Blitz events;
  • Develop the biodiversity theme in promoting the campus as a site for public engagement,
  • Engage with municipal, county and regional agencies in promoting the rich cultural and environmental heritage of the University and surrounding area for visitors and tourists;

Climate Justice

  • Sustain the leadership position that MU has achieved in recent years through its work on climate justice;
  • Organise events to highlight the importance of action against climate change via mitigation and adaptation;
  • Continue to lead in relation to ethical investment and divestment campaigning nationally.