On receipt of a complete application, each department will assess the application with a view to providing the candidate with a decision as quickly as possible, but within a four week period. Within this four week period an applicant should receive one of the following:

  1. Firm offer of a place on a course
  2. Conditional offer (dependent on course specific requirements, for example: language proficiency, awaiting transcripts)
  3. Invitation to interview
  4. Unsuccessful application
  5. Placed on a Waiting List

When the Department makes a decision on your application (from 1-5 above), you will be informed by an email from PAC telling you that your applications status has changed. You are strongly advised to log in and check your application for status updates when notified.

  • Should a candidate be placed on a waiting list a final decision must be communicated to the candidate no later than two weeks after the closing date.
  • Candidates who do not receive a response within four weeks of submitting their application are advised to contact pgadmissions@mu.ie.

Accepting an Application

Students will not proceed to registration until the student has correctly accepted the offer and paid a non-refundable deposit. Successful applicants will then receive notification from the Student Records Office and Fees Office in relation to registration dates, documentation requirements and fees information. 

Application Closing Dates
Each programme has an indicated closing date, this refers to the latest possible date for making an application. It is advisable to contact the Department or pgadmissions@mu.ie if the closing date for the programme has passed and to enquire whether it is possible to make a late application for that programme.