Professional Master of Education (Primary Teaching)


 Entry Requirements and Procedure for 2020

This is a full-time postgraduate teacher education programme for primary teaching (2020–2022) for persons who possess an honours Bachelor Degree at Level 8 or those who expect to have successfully completed final examinations before Monday, 6 July 2020.

** Important Notice** 
Prior to applying, please visit the following link to the  Professional Masters in Education (Primary)  to obtain further details.   Applicants are required to register with the Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge (TEG) Meánleibhéal 1 (B1) Irish examination prior to 8th January 2020.  If you have questions relating to the Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge (TEG), contact the office that looks after TEG directly at the email addres:  

Applicants wishing to apply to the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, Maynooth University can do so by visiting the following link:  

A limited number of places will be available on these programmes and successful applicants will be selected by way of competition. Applicants are advised that shortlisting may apply.
Persons who successfully complete this programme are eligible to be registered by the Teaching Council under Route 1: Primary and will thereby be eligible for appointment in primary schools.