Dr Erivelton Nepomuceno

Electronic Engineering, Hamilton Institute

Assistant Professor

BioScience & Engineering
(+353 1) 7084684


Erivelton Nepomuceno received his BE and PhD in Electrical Engineering from UFSJ (2001) and UFMG (2005) respectively. He was Associate Professor at Federal University of São João del-Rei until 2021, when he was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Centre for Ocean Energy Research and Department of Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University. He was a visiting Research Fellow at Technological Institute of Aeronautics in Brazil (2005), Imperial College London (2013/14), Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University in Russia (2019) and at City, University of London (2020/21). Dr Nepomuceno is a Senior Member of IEEE and elected Secretary of the IEEE Technical Committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems. He has been elected coordinator of the Technical Committee on System Identification and Data Science for Brazilian Association of Automatic Control. He is Deputy EiC of IEEE Latin America Transactions, and he serves as Associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems, and Mathematical Problems in Engineering. His research interests include analysis, modelling and control of circuits, systems and networks, computer arithmetic, system identification, intelligent systems, chaos, cryptography.  

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